Featured People on American Dreams

Konstantin Guericke

Konstantin Guericke - Co-Founder of LinkedIn

"When you need an investor, or business partner, its usually not someone who you know, but it’s often someone who you know knows" –Konstantin Guericke Learn more ...

Mark Stidham

Mark Stidham - CEO of LuLaRoe

Within three years, LuLaRoe has gone from a small company to a massive empire with over 24,000 clothing consultants around the world. Learn more ...

Jerry Brenholtz

Jerry Brenholtz - Started $100 Million IT contract staffing firm

With both of his parents struggling to survive in Poland post WWII, Jerry’s family had a goal to provide a better life for him and his sister. Who knew that this young boy walked amongst the ruins of Warsaw would come to American to build a $100 million company. Learn more ...

Aldo Carrascoso

Aldo Carrascoso - Serial Entrepreneur, CTO of Veem, founder of JunkinVideo & Junkin Media

Aldo is a true entrepreneur at heart. He has founded numerous companies and not one of them was motivated by money- it was always to solve a problem. Learn more ...

These Investing Mistakes Prevent You From Building Your Wealth

These Investing Mistakes Prevent You From Building Your Wealth

Why do you invest? Are you looking for a get-rick-quick investment scheme? Or, are you looking to build real, sustainable wealth that will last over the long haul?

Most investors want to build wealth over many years. Sure, no one is going to turn down a sudden booming stock. But the reality is most successful investors find the right stocks to purchase and then have the patience to see them become winners. Read More...

True Leadership Really Depends On Just One Quality

True Leadership Really Depends On Just One Quality

If you could choose only one quality for a good leader to have what would be?

Would it be compassionate, trustworthy, humble, integrity, or perhaps something else?Read More...


How to Retire as a Millionaire

Becoming a millionaire remains an “if” forever. But what if you could really become a millionaire? Is it really out of the realm of possibility?

The fact is, according to a report from United Income, one out of every six retired people is a millionaire. That’s almost 17 percent of all retires that are enjoying the good life after hanging up their boots. While 17 percent might not sound like a huge number, the odds aren’t that bad. So what does it take to retire as a millionaire? What do you need to do now to become that one person in six? Read More...